I got straight step-by-step instructions on what to do. A list of dietary supplements with links, habits that need to be instilled, products on which to focus. All this with explanations of what will affect on, why we do this in the first step. I immediately had a holistic picture, I began to spend less energy on this problem, just act on points.

Lida KulkovaPersonal work

Thank you so much for the consultation! Everything is clear and justified. You are a very sensitive person, thank you for personal individually and humanely. You answered on my questions and saw psychosomatics in my symptoms. I came with a heavy load and back pain (one of the complaints), and left as if I had thrown off this heavy load with a smile and a clear plan of action, understanding how to continue to live and where to look. In life, you are even better than on Instagram! May there be more conscious and grateful people on your way!

Kristina LunevaPersonal work

Sasha, thanks for the great webinars and personal advice. I'm sure that the knowledge on nutrition is the best investment in yourself. The advice is clear and was clear what to do next. Without water, I understand my way in the diet until spring and generally on🌿

Tatiana AungiersPersonal work

I was on personal work with Alexandra when I realized that doctors ( with whom I spent a number of years) can not help me. In addition to stomach problems, irritable bowel syndrome and hyperacidity, I had the same with the general absence of menstruation and hormonal imbalance. Turned from disappointment in medicine. It was the best decision of my life!

Apart from the fact that I got rid of stomach problems and bowel, I never bothered bouts of hunger and I had forgotten about this diagnosed as gastritis. Besides, for the first time in my entire life, I have recovered menstruation. Low bow to you and thank you for your professionalism from me and my body.

Davidchuk AnnaPersonal work

Sasha, your work is priceless❤ this! You open the world absolutely on the other side. You literally give people the "born again". Thanks to adjustments in food changed as a consequence: lifestyle and mentality. Externally it feels like a healthy condition, looks like a nice body, clean skin. Mentally and mentally, inner harmony, confidence, acceptance and self-love. I'm sure this I am just in the the beginning. Your experience and knowledge to trust and follow you. Thank you🙌🏼😊

Liza MishinaPersonal work

Alexandra, thank you warmly for this consultation! Honestly, I was very nervous. But I relax during the consultation! What a pleasant in conversation you are! I have a small internal revolution happened, despite the fact that much has already heard and read in your blog. The amount of information I was also very surprised. Everything is so clear, detailed, on the shelves. There is no excess water. All my silly questions were answered so patiently. And the intake of supplements was scheduled. And food reviewed. And the nuances were taken into account. And they offered an alternative. The consultation learned so easy and very high. After it I was happy for another 20 minutes running! Thank you for this difficult job! You and your blog, and the consultations that you give, are just a treasure and a find for all without exception! ❤️

Dzholdybaeva AisuluPersonal work

Sasha, thank you very much for your work. I reject from milk, fish and seafood according to your instructions and explanations of what is good, what is bad and why. I feel even better than before, the lightness does not leave, my health also increased, I don’t remember when I was sick for the last time. You served as a concrete impetus in my case, to a conscious diet and life in general.

Elena KaragodinaPersonal work

Sasha, thank you very much for your work! Everything is clear and accessible explained! You are just a storehouse of useful information! After talking with you motivation immediately appears and I want to be the most healthy. You are a very bright person, thanks for your work!

Sidorova EkaterinaPersonal work

Good afternoon! It has been 2.5 months since the consultation with you and my condition has improved significantly, thanks to your recommendations. My craving for sweets and gluten-containing foods was completely lost, I began to get saturated and not overeat. Previously, after 2 hours I wanted to eat and stomach rumbled, but now I feel energy for 6-7 hours without overeating and not feeling heaviness in the stomach, the skin is also slowly recovering, but this is not the limit! There is more energy, I begin to practice yoga almost every day, and that’s all after talking with you. You really helped me embark on this path of recovery, on the path of a conscious and happy life! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! For your knowledge, for what you do, for what you inspire.

Alesya OlshevskayaPersonal work

You are a wonderful sensitive specialist who cares. Thank you for your involvement, care and a clear mind, for believing in the nature of the human body, for looking for solutions and finding, and for the fact that "everything can be fixed." You really are a Warrior of Light

Kapelevich KseniaPersonal work

Online consultation

$ 140

  • 30 minutes of personal call
  • Analysis of the food diary
  • Personal diet recommendation
  • Answers to your questions
  • Personal supplement advise
  • Therapy outline for the next 3 months
  • 14-day text feedback

In person consultation

$ 200

  • 30 minutes of personal call
  • Analysis of the food diary
  • Personal diet recommendation
  • Answers to your questions
  • Personal supplement advise
  • Recovery plan for the next 3 months
  • Bioresonance scanning for parasites

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