Eating healthy is easy!


My weekly meal plans are all you need to start eating healthy right away! Keep your food critic and tummy happy with 3 culinary and nutritionally recipes per day. All meal plans are VEGAN, sugar gluten and soy FREE.

All meals take into account the body’s requirements for protein and are formulated taking into account the optimal compatibility of products for better digestion.

Alexandra, hello! I really want to thank you for your work, for such valuable knowledge that you share! I have been in the transition phase to plant nutrition for almost a year, but only after your menu I began to HOPE and enter the diet "3 times / day". Missing swellings. Of course, I’m just starting the path to recovery, but thanks to you I believe that everything will be great! Thanks a lot!

Surkova EvgeniyaMenu

A varied menu, interesting product combinations, creative recipes - all this attracted me! I enthusiastically prepare new dishes and my husband watched with curiosity on it! And then he tried it and now we are happy to cook together! There are already 4 menus that I have! We are very grateful to Alexandra for her work, knowledge and excellent menus !!! We are happy, cheerful and energetic! Thank you with all my heart !!!!!

Lyakin familyMenu

Alexandra, I acquired a menu on your site and almost burst into tears of happiness! I’ve been on plant nutrition for almost a year, and all this time I have been collecting information bit by bit from your blog, but in the meal plan you structured clear all information. Pleased with the large (and understandable!) theoretical part about plant nutrition, this is exactly what I want! Thanks again!

Novokshanova ValeriaMenu

I wanted to share good news! After 3.5 months, my personal periods began. I bought a personal menu and for 3 weeks I drink the recommended dietary supplements and eat dishes the menu. Thanks a lot! Now my mother looks at my plant nutrition without skepticism and no longer talks about meat! I am very pleased!

Dedenko DianaMenu

Wow! It is perfect smoothies-platform!!! Sasha, thank you for your work! I drink smoothies from your menu during 4 month, such a variety recipes!!! I worried that recipes of smoothies will have any outlandish products... in our region, it will be difficult to buy... And in your book are all simple and affordable, very pleased! thank you a lot💚

Natalia HlutchinaMenu

I got your menus and do detox with my mom. Very satisfied with the results! My mother had a request for weight loss and in a week she lost 6 kg. I wanted to clean my body. After detox, my state of health changed, there was a lightness in the tummy, and bloating went away. And another thing happened: I had a colloid scar on my body, it was six months old, its size was 1.5 cm. On the third day of the detox, I found that the scar had resolved! It remains just a speck on the body.

Maria BaburovaMenu

Sasha! I am delighted with the autumn menu. Quick, easy, very tasty and most importantly useful! The dishes are cozy and really warm for cold autumn days. Thank you for the menu and for sharing your valuable knowledge! Good luck and inspiration!

Ganz EvgeniaMenu

I really like the format of your menus. I bought two meal plans: plant menu for every day and plant menu for a comfortable autumn. Firstly, I thought that if I have one, it will be pointless to buy the second. But it was not so. Each menu has basic information, but a lot of new. Each menu has its own emphasis. There are not only recipes are in them, but also the information that prepares you gives explanations of why it is necessary to act in one way or another. As a result, everything is better remembered and easier to implement. You do not repeat thoughtlessly, but understand the relationship between your actions and well-being, health, beauty.

Lida KulkovaMenu

I regularly use recipes from the monthly, seasonal and detox menus. This helped expand my taste preferences and the ability to be full for a long period of time.
Unusual combinations of ingredients and a variety of dishes in Alexandra's menu are achieved by combining familiar products.
Everything is very tasty, satisfying and healthy! Thank you

Yulia NadegdinaMenu

I began plant nutrition half a year ago, and your menus helped me a lot on this way. So all nutritions are enought for all body and there is a complete diet. And, of course, the most delicious recipes!

Qibina MariaMenu

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Easy Digestion Menu

This menu is the perfect solution for anyone who has difficulty digesting legumes and grains. The menu helps reducing bloating and inflammation of the digestive tract, enriching the body with minerals and increasing your protein intake! The menu also includes a table that reflects mineral content and the amount of protein of the main ingredients.

Examples of dishes: mushroom soup, vegan pizza, spaghetti with cream sauce.

2 500руб.В корзину

Detox Menu

With this meal plan everyone can independently unload the body without stress and cruel regime. Nutrition is chosen to stimulate natural detoxification, but at the same time leave you well-fed and happy.

If you wish, you can use the proposed list of dietary supplements (instruction attached). The program also includes information on additional cleansing measures: how to properly prepare for this diet and return the body to its usual mode.

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Vegan 101 Menu

This program is designed to teach the basics of plant nutrition. It gives a lot of information about plant sources of protein and minerals, tips on healthy digestion and more! Most recipes resemble familiar dishes, but without the use of animal products. Suitable for both beginners and experienced vegans.

Examples: Greek Salad, Pasta, Stuffed Peppers.

2 500руб.В корзину