Sasha Efimova

I am a biomedical scientist and an advocate of naturopathy. I am passionate about educating and empowering my clients to successfully achieve optimal health and wellbeing. I am happy to provide you with a personalized strategy to remedy presenting health problems and improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. My approach in the health is a combination of herbal nutrition and nutritional supplements of natural origin, proven by clinical studies.

My main goal is to change perception of food, to train to competently and balanced eat in order to achieve the desired level of health.

My path:

I developed interest in alternative medicine at very young age. When I was 11 both of my parents experienced serious health problems. My health was not at its best either, as I was often ill, suffered from headaches on daily basis, doctors diagnosed me with psoriasis and attention deficit disorder.

Conventional treatment was unsuccessful, so we decided to give naturopathy a try. Naturopathic doctor explained how human bodies reacts to animal products, sugar, yeast and much more. We started by eliminating these products from our diet and improvements were not long in coming! Needless to say, I was psoriasis free in just 3 months!

American School of Milan

I have gained a lot of practical knowledge about nutrition and natural healing from our naturopathic doctor and my personal experience over 10 years. So I was inspired me to pursue a medical career. I graduated from American School of Milan with an in-depth study of biology and chemistry.

The Wellcome Center of Human Genetics (University of Oxford)

Three years later I received a Bachelor of Medical Science degree, with my thesis in oncology at The Wellcome Center of Human Genetics (University of Oxford). A degree in Biomedicine helped to understand the how our bodies work on molecular level.